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7 Things You Should Know About FALCON RIDGE REHABILITATION – Sample, Historical Data:

1. Registered Nurse Hours Per Patient

This facility had (data pending) RN (Registered Nurse) hours per patient compared to the state average

2. Pneumonia Vaccinations

This facility had “assessed and appropriately given” fewer pneumonia vaccinations than the state average

3. Self-reported Pain Levels

This facility had fewer residents self-reporting moderate to severe pain than the state average

4. Health Deficiencies

In a past health inspection, this facility recorded (data pending) health deficiencies

5. Physical Therapy Hours Available

This facility had (data pending) physical therapy hours per patient than the state average

6. Pressure Ulcers; Bed Sores

Compared to the state average, short term residents had fewer pressure ulcers (bedsores) that were, according to auditors, “new or worsened”

7. Nature of Facility

FALCON RIDGE REHABILITATION is a Medicare and a Medicaid Facility
IT IS A For profit – Corporation FACILITY
AND IT is not a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)

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There is much more data available on this facility to benefit you, your loved ones or your family.

We aggregate more than 100,000 data elements from sources such as consumer reviews, data from federal government audits, employee reviews and the residents themselves.

You owe it to your loved one, and your own peace of mind, to understand all there is to know about a facility.

An Overview of the Process and Data

Note: On your behalf, we aggregate and integrate information from hundreds of sources and databases. Some are public, some are private. We provide you a unique 360-degree view of facilities. We pull from more than 100,000 data elements.

We neither recommend nor disparage any facility. We provide data for you and your family as you make your own decisions.

We gather data which would take hours to locate, and in some cases is not readily available, publicly. (We refer to this as Proprietary Data).

The purpose and presentation of this data is to save you time, money and frustration. Saving you time and increasing your peace of mind is paramount.

It is important to remember that most facilities are also audited at least every 15 months and findings change with each inspection.

The scores, audit findings or data items you see here represent only a point in time and may have changed since being reflected here. You may also contact a facility and ask about their most recent audit findings.

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